Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They Make Cakes...

It's what they do. They're "too young to go clubbin'."

I suppose I should explain who "they" are.

They are two Cake Bosses in the making.  Two lovely ladies known as Katie, who I like to call K-trix.
And Becca, who I like to call Becca. ;) Not only do they make cakes, they have earned a reputation around town and in our circle for being able to make the most scrumptious and visually stupendous of cakes.

I'll prove it.

Here's a classic argyle made for Kallie's grad party. I love the colour scheme!

And here's the companion cake they made for Grandma Gigi's 90th Birthday Bash! She loves to golf and these creative cakesters made a little golf cart for her out of special K bars. I would have taken a picture of the main event cake, but I arrived late and it was already GONE!

Can't you just hear someone yell, "FOUR!"? And really, I know everyone says this, but the secret ingredient was love. Really, it was.

Then there was the cake for Jake's Grad Party done in his school colours. The graduation cap is even made out of a Hershey's bar wrapped in fondant. I actually got to watch them make this one so now I know roughly how to make the top portion of a Graduation cap in case I should ever need to exercise that skill. "It appears that way, because I have those skills." (You knew I had to slide that quote, didn't you?)

They've done all sorts of cakes. Big ones, fat ones, some as big as your head (there's got to be a song hidden in that.)

So last night, I was just about to curl up with my laptop to watch a couple episodes of Castle when this dream team called me to see if I wanted to work on their latest project....

Which I will save for another post! Just you wait! It was loads...nay tons of fun to make and some have called it their best cake to date!

 'Til then!

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  1. The song: Winnie the Pooh Huffalumps and Woozles! Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!


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