Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Continuation of 'They Make Cakes'

So I have these two friends, Katie & Becca. They make cakes. They're dynamic!

After creating an eye-catching, delectable cake for Becca's brother-in-law,
they were hired to make a cake for a 50th birthday party held at the newly restored Clyde Iron Works.

The birthday guy loves his Harley, so they made him one and I got to help!

I'm hoping these pictures aren't too heinous. They were taken on my crappy phone.

I was honored that they asked me to help. I've always veered away from anything pertaining to the kitchen, but I can't resist making things out of straws. So they had my devotion for a few hours on the terms that we would be able to listen to Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Bee Gees, and an excessive amount of the The Spice Girls.

I had forgotten how much I love building minitures out of straws. I had a doll house when I was younger and I made the furniture out of all sorts of straws and marbles. I'll show you some time.

We worked on this all through the night. Everyone was slap happy.
I couldn't stop saying, "May I smell your fingers?". (It's from that stupid Ford Focus commercial with Doug.) And Becca kept on pretending to see things outside in the woods, which gets me everytime.
I happen to love green frosting. So I'm really wishing I could have had a piece of this right about now.
The road actually looked like pavement. Like you could literally get road rash.

There was a debate over a few stones and whether or not they slightly resembled feces. That had to have been around 4 or 5. They all look like perfectly normal frosting rocks to me now. 
I'm so impressed by the Harley logo! I know the perfectionist in Katie was letting loose. Great result!

This bike was made for Gromit...or Wallace.

Couldn't you picture it? We'd need a decent side-car though...

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, Mike!

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