Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mimicking Minimalism

I know I've witnessed other people go through this phase. I especially recall my Aunt Carrie go through the phase.

Do you know the one I'm talking about? When you...
  • Purge items that don't serve a purpose
  • Prefer simplicity
  • Choose the colour white
It's no secret that I'm a horder. I collect things. That's what I like. It's what I do. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a stash of old, empty Bonnebell Lipsmakers tubes in my closet or a vast collection of Bearstein Bear Books in my basement that haven't seen the light of day since 1993. I can't help it. I like to collect.

But yesterday, while being inundated by all the useless crap at Walmart, I decided it's time to be a person of simplicity.

For instance, if I'm ever engaged, I've decided that I'm not going to register for one of those decorative bathroom soap pumps. Why create one more task and waste the money on something hideous? I made this decision after seeing the gaudiest soap pump in existence. It had a ginormous ruby smack dab in the middle of it.  I'm all for rubies,but this just crossed a line. So soap pumps wear costume jewelry now... What is this world coming to? What's next bedazzeled spatulas? Please tell me there's an end to the madness!

So I'd like to simplify. I think I need to simplify. Of course I have no idea how to do that. And I suppose I need to embrace the colour white now like a true minimalist. And replace my furniture with items that look painful if I were to ever accidentally run into them.

I hate that I'm bringing up Bryan Adams again...but it's just something that I do. Anyways, his apartment was recently featured in Elle Decor magazine. Epitome of minimalism in my opinion.  I would think that I could use that place as a reference.  It's got everything covered.

  • Coffee table that looks like it will most certainly be my knee caps' worst enemy....check.
  • Furniture that looks uncomfortable....check
  • It's predominantly white...check
  • Consists of nothing that was made before 1960...check
  • Contains no more than 9 books...check

I know I should try to be more simple. But I'm drawn to rooms like this:


  • Clutter....check
  • Dark, like a cave or lair with damask wallpaper....check
  • Nothing that was made AFTER 1960....check
  • Too many books to count in one glance....check
  • Lots of lamps...check.
  • Lots of places to sit and curl up with great books....check
  • Lots of tables to set said books....check

I don't think I can be both. The Minimalist v. The Horder. Why do I have a feeling the Horder is going to win this round?

Does anyone have any advice on the matter? Do you think it's unhealthy to avoid white space and embrace clutter? Or do you find white space conducive to creativity?


  1. Both are good! I found the 1st picture fresh and clean which can be good, happy, and cheerful! however it didn't have the richness and warmth the Sherlock room had! (doo doo doo doo Robert Downey JUNIOR) I say meet somewhere in between... I don't know if that's possible with you! :) ive always been a sucker for sherlock looking librarys. Have ya seen Niles' on Frasier!! perhaps have a library/study room in your house where you can have your dark colors and tasty lamps and then have a clean sun room or kitchen or living room Bryan Adams style. Nice jars above btw!! Sexy! Heehee. - Kcos

  2. Thanks K Cos! hahaha this is why you are my best friend. You help me figure out this sort of stuff! Hey! Let's make some jars!

  3. Great word: inundated. 100 points for you.
    The first picture is so cold and stiff! No pesonality-well, the personality screaming "I'm plain and boring!" Sorry. It feels like a hospital! I hated that about living in an apartment-white walls! I love rooms with what you are calling "clutter!" Too many books-wonderful; furniture and pieces with character-there's a story there. Who owned it first? When? You are such an interesting person and so multifaceted, of course your rooms are going to be full or your passions and interests! That's the Jana we all know and love!

  4. Ooh! "Multifaceted"- Great word choice! Makayla, I like what you said about asking "Who owned it first & When?". Older pieces have stories...or have at least been a part of someone's story that is. I hate white apartment walls too! So bare and boring.


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