Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hatch Show Print

Back in the day when I worked at Guitar Center, we would post advertisements for upcoming concerts at the one and only Ryman Auditorium. These weren't just any ol' posters though. They were products of Hatch Show Print. Works of art. Anybody who was anybody would play the Ryman and it would be a special occasion. So the poster for such an event had to be timeless and memorable. Letterpressed.

The Hatch Show Print shop was located in downtown Nashville. There you could watch these posters come to life. The artists that worked on these posters were incredible. Daring. It takes guts to move with ease as you carve away at linoleum with a Speedball chisel. One mistake and you have to start from the beginning. Ah, but great mistakes make great art.

SO our Guitar Center would have one poster for every concert. One poster.

I swear employees would call dibs on these posters before they were even pinned to the corkboard.

I remember the torture of knowing that the My Morning Jacket or Norah Jones poster were within my grasp, yet were promptly spoken for.

Of course I let everyone know that I had eternal dibs (if that even exists) on any Bryan Adams poster that would grace the board. Although he never played Nashville while I lived there, I intend to own this one someday, Lord willing.

But at least I can relish in the victory of scoring the Patty Griffin poster, as well as a few other gems which adorn my walls to this day.

This concert never even took place. I believe Ms. Spektor cancelled due to a case of vertigo.  

I actually got to see this one which was amazing. Shawn Colvin's These Four Walls is a great album.

I just love all the detail.

Then my lovely friend, Sarah S. gave me this Mraz poster for my birthday.  I think I ran up and down the stairs, not knowing what to do with myself! Great gift!

I guess I've always been drawn to this style. I've enjoyed making a linoleum print or two over the years.  My little album cover is even a take on the art form.

Then there was my concept for a t-shirt with a play on the popular musical venue, combined with a flare for Ms. Austen. I just can't find the motivation to carve the stage coach...someday. 

I made this during my Celine phase. It may be one of my favourite projects to date.

And I had to create my baby. She was probably 40 lbs. lighter here though.

My Aunt Lori (Hi Aunt Lori!) actually had this framed at one time.
And this was a fun project.

I can't wait to work on another print. And who knows, maybe someday, I'll actually get to make one for a concert!

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