Thursday, May 19, 2011


This fall I will be a student again, yet this time I am enrolling as an English Major with a Music Minor. I'm hoping it will be useful if I want to pursue songwriting.. It definitely wasn't an instant decision. I've just never considered myself to be an effortless speaker nor someone who has impeccable grammar skills. In fact, in person, I have brain farts incessantly and am always doubting what I say, thinking it's too cliche. Plus, I'm an atrociously slow we'll see how this goes.
But at least I love words.

I always circle words I like in books or draw a heart next to ones that astonish me. If I don't know a definition of a word, I'll look it up in the thesaurus and write its alternate word in the column beside it. I have lists lying around my room of words that I've found colourful and expressive. And I frequently find myself saying , "Great word.", whenever a friend uses an obscure word I don't hear everyday.

Bottom line--I love words.

I just don't use the ones I love enough. Here's a list of words I intend to incorporate into my daily vernacular.

Betwixt - Realized this when it was used multiple times during last month's Royal Wedding broadcast.

Mustachioed - Wouldn't this be the ultimate description for some people?

Scintillating - This may be my favourite word ever.

Conundrum - James Mercer of The Shins used this in his song "Australia" years ago and I've been in love with it ever since.

Inherently - Mariah Carey used this word in her song called "Outside" which could arguably be her best song ever.  I love it, yet never use it. 

Prosaic - I think of that scene in "You've Got Mail" when Meg Ryan is trying to figure out what NY152 stands for..., "152 insights in-to-my-soul!"

Inundate- Why? Because I think it sounds prettier than 'flood' or 'overwhelm'. Don't you agree?

Opulent - Darling, because it's gorgeous.

Opalescence -Ugh. Great word.

Lustreless- It's so much more descriptive than "dull". Man, I love F.Scott Fitzgerald.

Gauche- I'm not going to lie, Robert Downey Jr. used this in a speech awhile ago. I've never heard anyone else use it.  It means unsophisticated and socially awkward. In other words, the epitome of this blogger.

Penultimate - I've heard musicians use this frequently, describing the note that precedes the last. It could be used out of a musical context though.

Coagulate - I don't even know what this means. It just sounds cool.

These words will hopefully weasel their way into my daily speech as I attempt to retire overused beauties of mine like:

Crap - As well as variations such as: crapola, craptastic, & what the crap? I'm extremely skeptical about nixing this one. It will never happen.

Pretty Cool - This phrase needs to go. I've used it 200 times too many and my Miley Cyrus teeth shan't say it any longer. I'm trying to replace it with 'Epic cool'...It's quite the battle.

You guys's- I cringe to myself every time I hear myself say this. I need to switch back to "Y'all's". Just kidding.

Shan't- see "Pretty Cool" above. What was I thinking?
I want to hear other beloved words. What's your favourite?

Ooh...and here's a timeless song by the Bee Gees. I promise it will throw anyone in a good mood.


  1. You're funny. I found this word while reading Emma the other day: incommode. It means to inconvenience or discomfort. I like it. :) - MIMI

  2. One of favorites is "Trig": adjective. trim; neat; spruce; in good condition; strong; sound; prim; precise.

  3. "incommode" & "trig" are lovely! I have not heard of either of them before. Thank you!


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