Monday, May 2, 2011

Simply Smashing- No. 2

Yes, the day was April 29. We witnessed history. People are still talking about how they woke up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Princess Diana wed Prince Charles in 1981. I most certainly plan on being able to tell people where I was when the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge exchanged their vows. It was an exquisite ceremony in every way.

Makayla found this little date reminder and informed me that it's been set to this date for sometime in anticipation.
Jody brought many items from her collection for us to browse through as we watched the ceremony.
These Paper Dolls are fabulous! I should have taken pictures of the outfits inside. They were a riot! I feel like they don't make things like this anymore.
Dana made the punch. It was delish!

Someone brought champagne. I feel terrible that I can't remember who to thank for it.
 Here are the party favours. Makayla read Royal Wedding trivia questions about etiquette, traditions, and the Royal Family. Jody was the winner and won the replica sapphire engagement in the glittered union jack box that I made. Katrina won the second place prize which was "Royal Wedding" starring Fred Astaire & Jane Powell ( I think it's famous for the scene where Fred Astaire dances on the ceiling), a Peanut Butter Seroogy Chocolate bar and a mini red telephone booth tin filled with teas. 

Oh! This dress was stunning! I couldn't imagine anything prettier. The anticipation was ridiculous. I actually started watching Live coverage at 2 in the morning and the dress wasn't revealed until 4:51...I was so afraid I was going to fall asleep before the big reveal. I didn't even want to wink in fear that I may miss the iconic moment. The party was held in the evening so we were able to fast-forward through commercials and get to the good part.

 This was by far my favourite shot of the ceremony.I feel as if it was slightly able to capture the grandeur.

 The music was phenomenal. We were all really pleased with the pieces by John Rutter and Paul Mealor. Could he have been a contemporary of Eric Whitacre?

I was having too much fun taking pictures of Makayla's TV. I have an illness where I have to take pictures.

Pamela & Makayla! Rocking royal red!

Kat & Cat! Abner's eyes are ginormous!
 The lovely Brette and Makayla! You can really see her vintage hat in this picture.My gorgeous Mum!
I simply had to have a picture by the British table cloth and faux palace gates

Finishing off the last of the sugar cubes. ;) It was a lovely evening and I really don't think it could have gone better. I can't wait for the next themed party! Makayla and I both thought of a few things we could do next year, but if only this was an annual event! Maybe we'll luck out and get to celebrate Prince Harry's wedding...


  1. Oh.My.Stars. AHHHMAZING!! I wish even more that I could have been there. How wonderful of a party. And yes....maybe I can come for the next Royal Wedding....C'mon Prince Harry. We want to see this again! Btw-your dress was amazing. You looked so beautiful! Great job J!

  2. Brilliant! Top notch! :) Great posts and pictures. I still can't believe it's over. Thanks for all your hard work and your lovely work on the blog.
    Can't wait to plan our next event!


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