Monday, May 2, 2011

Simply Smashing!

My dear friend, Makayla and I threw a party to celebrate a little wedding held over seas.  Naturally, hats were a must at this soiree. We rented hats from The Duluth Playhouse and had a thrill of a time going through their treasure trove. Truly a milliner's fantasy, as we needed ladders to see all the hats. 

We've been planning this for weeks...nay...months. We were both really excited about it. And to find out, so were several others. 

Makayla's mother, Dana prepared the programmes for us. Full colour, factual and great momentos to remember the occasion. The front had Prince William's family crest and the back cover, the Middleton family crest was represented.

Above: Strawberries and cream, Chocolate Oblivion, and my little Battenburg cake.Below: "Cheese & Crackers, Gromit!" scrumptious Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, delightful Raspberry Scones, and delicious Crescent Roll-ups of which I devoured.

My mum and I. My dress is actually another one of my Gram's dresses from the 60's. Isn't it a doozy? My mum's ensemble actually reminded me of Kate Middleton's mother's morning suit in a lovely powder blue.

Katrina & Jody sporting chic fascinators that I believe Katrina made. Aren't they great?

Dana & Dede dressed to the nines!

The marvelous Makayla! The union jack table cloth was actually made from a white linen sheet that Makayla and I spray painted by using masking tape. Jolly good fun!
Believe me, I think I ate 2/3's of the crescent rolls pictured here.

So here's my Battenberg Cake that I stubbornly made using the metric system. "No, I refuse to measure this in cups!" It's actually a cake that was made for Queen Victoria's granddaughter when she wed Prince Louis of Battenberg.

My mum made this chocoholic treat, Chocolate Oblivion. It's so rich. I love it! 

A close-up of Dana's delectable Raspberry Scones. Mmm!

There they are...making my mouth water.

I think I have another picture of the pudding cakes in the background. They were delicious and brought to us by Katrina and Jody. The tea cups were from my Grandma LaPine's collection as well as a set that was on loan from my friend, Katie. In the back, there is a picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their wedding day. Queen Victoria's dress is worth seeing up close. You can see it here. Also, Makayla found these dainty coasters and napkins. "C" for Catherine of course, and "W" for William. ;)

Flags to wave with the rest of Great Britain as well as our array of programmes.
Here's the new engagement picture. What an attractive couple! Oh, wait, but there's more to this post. To be continued...

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed!! Looks like you had a lovely time. I can't wait for part two. Also, I love the dress of your grandma's...that's awesome to have.


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