Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So I judge books by their cover...

Sue me.

There are few that have pretty, elegant covers, but have been absolutely terrible. CoughSense&Sensibility&SeaMonstersCough.

But for the most part, I like finding old editions of books I love.  Even if I already own a copy. It's nice to have a spare to lend to someone.
I always feel like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory" when I can't pass a copy of F.Scott Fitzgerald's "This Side of Paradise" or any Sherlock Holmes Collection. Each copy has its own personality for me.

I want these. I don't need them, but I WANT them. I only have one out of this collection designed by Coraline Bickford-Smith and I had to order it online. (The Hound of the Baskervilles By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)There are only two other editions that I have actually held and for some idiotic reason, I did not snatch them up.

Especially when one was Jane Eyre and my only copy is abridged...which I'm not going to bother reading. So as you can tell, I'm still stewing over that.

Ms. Bickford-Smith is pretty amazing in my opinion. . She's also designed a set of F. Scott Fitzgerald covers that I gush over and have been searching for in every bookstore I've stood in since my eyes beheld their art deco design.

Maybe this love of covers, stems from a love of bookshelves. Oh, and I just love when people colour coordinate. Like these:

That's definitely very Type-A of me. But it creates another work of art. Don't you agree?

These three books were recent finds at the Annual Friends of the Library Book Sale. They were quite eye-catching.

The set shelves in my room is quickly overflowing. That always tends to happen after our local library book sale. I need to de-clutter it a bit so the bowing shelves do not break under pressure. Oh, but there are so many things from around the world that friends have given me or I have been fortunate enough to acquire in person that only hold sentimental value to me and would probably be worthless to anyone else. It's difficult for me to see that shelf and not feel bombarded with good memories.
What treasures do you have on your shelves?

(I apologize for the grainy pictures. I definitely do not consider myself a photographer.)

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  1. Books aren't meant to be read. They are meant to be lovers that we embrace and woo. You are my daughter because you love them even more than I. I love a good cover, a sturdy binding, the smell of the pages. If a book is used, I even like reading the notes of those that went before me (I get this from my years of reading Bobby Frost). I love reading your blogs. -Dad


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