Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Hosting a Rummage Sale

On Friday & Saturday, I conducted a sale from my garage. I had been gathering items for months, but waiting for nicer weather. I couldn't have asked for a sunnier day nor lovelier customers. A peculiar thing happens when you invite people to stop by and rummage through your possessions, they talk to you or maybe they are just easier to talk to. They are rarely in a hurry, because nobody stops at a garage sale when they have somewhere else they need to be. These are the sort of people who like to snag a deal, because there are few things better than finding a new inspiration piece for only a quarter or an antique chair for 3 bucks. I like these kind of people. They are my kind of people.

I met a woman that I saw in the Douglas County Historical Society Fashion Show at Glensheen Mansion a month ago. Now I think I may want to join that society and cross my fingers that we'd get to picket a building from getting knocked down (haha Makayla's idea) or get to participate in the next fashion show!

I met several mothers who were thinking of getting things for their kids. Showing a mother's constant thought on her children. Or adult children seeing something that their mother would appreciate for Mother's Day. Precious.

I talked to a woman who informed me that the monogrammed covered pot that I found at an antique store and was selling for $1 is actually what they call a silent butler and was used to collect cigarette ashes from guests, extinguishing the embers. I had always imagined that it was just a fancy way to serve scrambled eggs.

Learning that new fact, made this pack rat remove the item from the sale and it will be able to be seen in the background on a future episode of TLC's Hoarders.

Yet there were a few things I was able to part with. I will express my goodbyes now.

So long, Glee Albums Volume 1 & 2. You were the better part of several lonely, lip-syncing Saturday nights and I will always remember your severely auto-tuned tracks that made Cory Monteith sound decent.

Take care, trusty Casio keyboard with light up keys that served me well throughout college and had "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" in its song bank.

Lata, Miami Vice Board Game. You are the worst game ever made and I know that your new owners are going to sorely regret purchasing you for $1.75

Fare-thee-well, plant pedestal that I picked up off the side of the road and somehow managed to become $2 richer by giving you up.

Peace out, Parasuco jeans. I sure hope you didn't have any money in your pockets.

I owe a round of applause to Makayla (who actually found a $20 bill in a pair of her jeans that were for sale! Good thing she checked!), Katie (who carried out a grand tradition), my sweet mom for helping me out (especially when I wanted to check out the other rummage sales in the neighborhood), and to all the rummage "salers" out there who bought my junk. It sure was nice to de-clutter our life a bit and meet some new faces. Remember the age old adage, "One man's junk is another's..."

'Til next time!


  1. LOVED this post. You write with such witt, I was laughing out loud! Your hoarders comment is hysterical. But don't worry, I'll save you before you get THAT bad!
    Thank you for letting me participate in your rummage sale! It was fun to spend the day together too!

  2. Why, thank you! You are always so encouraging! Thanks for helping me, too! I had such a great time with you!


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