Monday, May 16, 2011

Mosaic the Walls, Cinderelli!

A corridor of the aptly named Cinderella Castle in Disney World is adorned with these picturesque mosaics. If there are two things I love, they are mosaics and a great story. I just had to share these pictures with you as I never really wrote about my trip to Disney. This was definitely one of the highlights for me.

Designed by Imagineer Dorothea Redmond, this mosaic mural took 22 months to complete and a team of 6 artists to execute. It is comprised of over 300,000 pieces of italian glass in over 500 assorted colours.

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  1. So glad I got to be w/ you the two times you got to enjoy these amazing mosaics! More memorable the 2nd time as you were only 2 y/o the first time! Love, Auntie Lori


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