Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Dinner is served."

After months of forcing feeding a friend with tales and descriptions of Downton, I have finally succeeded in hooking her. She's 4 episodes strong into Season 1. My job is done.
How she resisted for this long, I will never know.

Seriously, who could say no to this crew?
To see this picture or  more Behind the Scene pictures from Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic, follow the link or visit

In other Downton news, my copy of The World of Downton Abbey arrived Friday afternoon. I actually ran across the backyard through mounds of snow to catch the UPS man at the gate. Can I just go on the record to say it is beautifully designed and quite delicate? Have any other LaPine Design readers read it?

So, who else is counting down the minutes to the Season 2: Episode 4 premiere later tonight? Eee!


  1. Katie! I didn't know you guys watched it too! Yay!

  2. I'm a fan! :-) Nathaniel is even watching it with me! Unfortunately that means I have to wait until we can see it together and we only can view it online. I would love to see your World of Downton Abbey sometime...sounds awesome!


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