Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Ol' Goals.

2012 is here.  The world hasn't ended yet. Before it does, I suppose I'd like to make the most of my time. (Not that I believe it's going to end on December 21st anyways...)

Last year I made a list of Resolutions.

I actually accomplished a few, so I'm going to take a stab at this again.
Turquoise is code for unaccomplished | Lavender is code for accomplished.
  1. Have a more consistent quiet time. I'm not gonna lie. I could have done better in this category.
  2. Blog 30 times more than last year. So, I'm aiming for 66 posts. After watching "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", I feel that I need more of a web presence and honestly want to meet more people through the internet. Plus,it reminded me that I really need to break out into song next time I'm having a dilemma. Wow, I had a grand total of 135 posts. That's a new record for me.
  3. Handwrite more notes to people in my life. Not e-mails. Real notes. Let them know I appreciate them. There weren't that many notes, but I feel like I could successfully cross this off. 
  4. Send "An Ode to the Sundance Kid" to Robert Redford with a note, of course. This happened. I didn't hear back from him...yet.
  5. Mosaic. In other words, use all the mosaic supplies that I have been storing up over the years. Well, I made a few things. I need more time with this though. It's definitely a skill that I'd need to improve.
  6. Sew my "Saga" pillows. Katie Lindberg, I'm counting on you.  If you haven't seen my "Saga" pillows of a Twilight nature, here they are: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
  7. Finish re-upholstering the chair that I've been working on for a year. Well, this happened too! Here's the post on the chair.
  8. Take guitar lessons. Definitely didn't happen. I think I actually became a worse guitar player in 2011.
  9. Upload a music video to YouTube. I really need to figure out what song to start with first. It's such a daunting task.  I actually uploaded two videos featuring original songs and will never be able to live down my little "fun fact". I've been getting flack from my best friends ever since. Apparently I sound like Mandy Moore when I say the word "Concentrate" and they won't let me forget it. I think one of them even made a ring tone or something out of it on their iPhone. I hate iPhones.
  10. Play out at 3 open micsI actually only played out at 1.  You can view it here. All I have to say is, could they have ZOOMED IN any closer? 
  11. More Books, Less TV. By no means could I strike this. I'm really good at watching TV and quite a terrible reader. 
  12. Talk Less, Listen More. I'm such a jabberjaws. This was not fulfilled by my standards.
  13. Co-write a song. Didn't happen. Though I don't know if I'm terribly disappointed by not meeting this goal. It's a touchy subject.
  14. Bake cookies. chocolate chip.  BOOM ROASTED.
  15. Get a head start on memorizing my lines for "Into the Woods". Yes, I guess this happened.
  16. Arrive to events on time. I'm habitually tardy. This seriously needs to change. This is a life long goal. If I let up, it will only get worse. 
  17. Refrain from Splurging. So long, Amazon & iTunes! hmmm... if my bank account could talk, it would say that there was no evidence that such a goal existed in the first place.

Here's the list for 2012...for now. I will add on to this, I'm sure.
  1. Find a church to attend on a regular basis.
  2. Go to Moldova.
  3. Illustrate a children's book written by my cousin, Katie.
  4. Design www.JanaLaPine.com and launch site.
  5. Paint a pomegranate.
  6. Read The Hobbit .
  7. Refine the next 8 cards for the 2012 Line of Ice Box Cards.
  8. Wear dresses more often.
  9. Have a Titanic Party on April 14th, 2012.
  10. Go water skiing.
  11. Go rock climbing. hahahaha I know, I can't picture it either.
  12. Record: "The Stairwell", "Photographs", "It's Christmas Time", "Sad Song", & "Overtly Overly."
  13. Beat my blog record from last year! (136)
  14. Call my grandparents once a week.
  15. Become friends with James.
  16. Draw my friends and family.
  17. Host 3 giveaways on LaPine Design.
  18. Finish reading all the books I am in the middle of; Out of Africa, The Way of the Master, Anna Karenina (ughhhh. this is never going to happen), Sherlock Holmes: Volume 2, & Tom Jones.
  19. Make truffles.
  20. Be quite.
  21. Spend more time in prayer.

So long 2011! Hello, 2012!

Happy New Year, Readers!


  1. Are you planning to go to Moldova again? I'm excited to see your giveaways! Fun stuff!

  2. Why, yes, I am planning...maybe this summer, if everything works out.

  3. Good for you for acomplishing so many of your goals in 2011! I feel like it was just a few days ago when I read that post from last year...wow. Look how far we've come. I love your new list as well. Best of luck and I will pray for you! (Especially since you're trying to finish A.K. hahahaa!)
    Love, Makayla


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