Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Downton Etsy

As I have attempted to articulate in previous posts, I am ever-so-slightly obsessed with Downton Abbey at the moment.

I may have to alter that "ever-so slightly" to "uncontrollably" now that I have composed this collection on Etsy.
Etsy is a gold mine of vintage oddities.

I guess so is the antique shop down the street, but do they allow their customers to create treasuries?!?!

Do you have an etsy account? If so, send me your link and I shall favourite it...that is as long as it isn't something with alien autopsy photographs...or spiders. I would like to sleep at night.

Also, dear Readers, do any of you have any suggestions for a future Etsy treasury?

Or perhaps you would like to discuss the latest episode of Downton? What parts stood out to you?

Ah, next Sunday feels so far away....


  1. I agree! It feels like forever away! I cannot wait!
    I was excited to see that PBS is airing Birdsong in April. That looks fantastic too.
    I have been thinking for some time that I would like to find a new ring or two. And I concluded last night that I need your help! :) You have a great sense for vintage jewlery! And then how funny that today I read this post!?
    Great minds think alike...

  2. I haven't heard of this Birdsong. I'll have to see a preview.

    Oh, I would love to help you find a new ring! You may even find one while you're in England though!

    Here, here!

  3. I didn't think about that! I'll get one from England and pretend it's from the Duchess of soemthing or another....hahaha! :)

    Here's the link to Birdsong...I think I may try to read it first!


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