Friday, January 20, 2012

More From Period Film &C.

I'm enthralled, intrigued, hypnotized, and absolutely spellbound by this tumblr page.

Please, go there now.
If I could only get one website on my computer--Google, I'm sorry, it would have to be this tumblr page. 

They seem to re-imagine all my favourite scenes of period films.

I'm not entirely sure if they created each picture as I was too busy saving, but I believe these images have all been posted through period film &c

Aren't these fantastic?

from Atonement
from Atonement
from Atonement
from Sherlock Holmes

from Atonement
from Bright Star

from Boardwalk Empire
from Becoming Jane

from Atonement

Nicole Kidman from an unidentified film...possibly a photo shoot.

from Inglorious Basterds -"Wait for the cream."

"Jane, of whom do you think I speak?"
from Jane Eyre (2011)
from Becoming Jane
If they are okay with me re-blogging their creations, I assure you this won't be the last time I post their stunning cinema captures...

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