Friday, January 20, 2012

The Downton Epidemic

I am pleased to see Dowton Abbey influencing the world around us.
This remarkable mini-series has definitely made an impact.
The attraction is unprecedented. 
Everywhere I go people are infected.
I babble on about it as if I am aquainted with all the cast members--calling them by their first names.
And it has definitely spoiled all other televisions shows for me. I'd rather watch the same episode over and over again than subject myself to the plot line of Glee or anyother show that airs for that matter. 
Why is this so?  Can it be explained?
Is it that it is precisely the perfect equation of qualities one could ever look for in a show?

A screenplay by Julian Fellowes
the edwardian era
exquisite costumes
a historical estate in England
an orchestral score by John Lunn
Maggie Smith
Jersey Shore, The Apprentice, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Tyra Banks, Lindsay Lohan, & especially Paris Hilton
The Best Show of the 21st Century
What's there not to love? But can that be all there is to it?

So, tell me, why do you think Downton is such a success?

What are your theories?

If you have not had time to view the series(coughKatieWilberPhillipscough), you can watch the 2nd season here,

Isn't it amazing to see it influence our culture? It is causing hem lines to drop. I am sure of it.

Do any other readers have symptoms of this Downton Influenza?

(Images from period films &c.) I've been obsessed with this source page for the past week. They have an incredible collection of screen shots. Forgive me if you feel over-whelmed by them.   Sincerely, Jana


  1. hahaha! Yes, Katie. WATCH IT!
    I'm quite smitten.

  2. Yes1 Love this post! I totally agree-I would rather watch the same episode over and over again instead of anything else on tv! I get so excited reading anything about it even, ie. this post!
    I love the picture of Matthew and Mary dancing-how intimate.


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