Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Left Brain , Right Brain

These Mercedes ads stood out to me.  I'm so impressed with how they are done.  I love when a design for an ad is more interesting than the articles in the magazine.

You know how they say, if you are right handed, your strengths are harboured mainly in the left side of your brain. And if you are left handed, you should be more right brained? Well, do you think this is a myth? Mere folk lore? Or does it apply to you?

Also, did you know that if you brush your teeth using the opposite of your dominant hand, not only will you be engaging your mind, but you will probably make yourself laugh because it feels really odd.

If you are needing to remember something or are in the middle of creating something but you've reached some sort of mental block, I've read that you should write with your opposite hand for a while to free your mind.

So now, I want to hear from you!

Are you

left & right,

right & left,

left & left,

right & right,

or are you ambidextrous and equally left brained and right brained?


  1. I am right handed and I think I am mostly left brained (as in I love words and language ... but I SUCK at math). But there are some things from the right brain that call to me too. So who knows.

  2. I am right handed and stronger on the right side of my brain. I hate math and science and love history, art, music...
    I also heard that musicians have a dominate left eye, which is true for me!


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