Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Golden Globes | Best & Worst

The Golden Globes were so last Sunday. This I know. But people wouldn't call me Kelly Kapoor if I failed to acknowledge celebrities and their red carpet fashion statements.

And we wouldn't want them to stop that now would we?

To preserved my illustrious title, I present to you my selections for Best & Worst dressed.


"OOOOEEEE!!!!! JAY!!!!!" Sophia! Great choice in colour and cut! I just am over the moon for this dress!
 Angelina, Bravo! This dress left me wondering if I'd seen it before, but then I felt like I had never seen anything like it.  You are old world glamour, yet constantly pushing the envelope...wait a second!!! That's where I've seen this before...

Paula Patton! Mission Accomplished! I can tell you've been hanging around Mr. Cruise lately. His intensity is evident by this bold colour choice. Though your confidence is your greatest fashion accessory!

Evan Rachel Wood, I'm not going to lie. I'm not a big fan, but this dress is stunning. It's like a mermaid with a peacock feather tail. Gorgeous!

Kate Beckinsale, Your entire look was a twist on the classic. Your earrings cinched the deal to be listed amongst my best dressed.

Close-up Image from Cheryl Kremkow


...which really aren't that bad.

Ms. Streep, I'm sorry, this wasn't your night. You may have won, but I was incredibly embarrassed for you during your speech. Though I thank you for thanking Mia Wasikowska for her performance in Jane Eyre even though she wasn't even nominated. A question for you: Did you leave your glasses in the other room while you picked this out?
 Zooey, why didn't you wear something vintage as you always do? This looked too much like a tuxedo shirt for me. Go vintage or go home.
 Frieda Pinto, Motel 6 called. They want their turquoise bed spread back.
Portman, I still can't get over your awkward acceptance speech from last year. I wish you would try a style other than strapless.

Oh, Michael. I really wanted you on the best side of this list. Unfortunately you look like you should squeak while you walk. Therefore you are on the wrong side of the fashion fence. I know you'll be nominated for an Oscar, so here's to second chances.

All full length photos of celebrities hail from yahoo's coverage of the Golden Globes

Alright! Let's hear your picks for Best & Worst dressed! How about even Best & Worst moments of the night. You know I love talking about award shows and I want to hear from my readers.

Go on...


  1. Gosh Jana, you're spot on with every comment here. Fantastic comparison with that envelope! And totally agreed that Pinto looks frompy.
    I think Kate Beckensale looked fatastic too. I'm not really into those platform shoes, but who's lookin' at the shoes?!

  2. Who had the platform shoes? I didn't notice. I never really notice the shoes...unless they are two different ones like Helena Bonham Carter's last year!

  3. Kate Bechensale shoes...they were platforms. I guess I'm not a fan of them in general but she could pull off anything.
    Yes! Helena Bonham Carter's shoes you could not miss!


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