Tuesday, November 22, 2011

About Ice Box Cards

Here's what it really says, because chances are you won't be able to read the small print in this image. It will be blown up significantly. Don't worry.

For nine years Duluth letter carrier Dik LaPine has been making homemade thank you cards for the people on his mail route on Skyline Parkway . These handmade notes with his featured cartoon Eskimos, moose, bears, deer, seals, and sled dogs in cute, comical situations have become a special anticipated tradition for all who are thoughtful enough to remember their letter carrier during the holiday season. After making hundreds of these cards over the years and after much encouragement from the people on his mail route for him to start sharing these cards with the world, Dik and his wife Lynda created Ice Box Cards in January of 2011.

It is the vision of Ice Box Cards to provide a greeting card that allows one to write down his or her own thoughts and expressions within fun, quality cartoon cards without him or her having to write around some professional writer’s gag line. Our cards are intentionally blank. We don’t presume to know what’s in our customer’s heart or even attempt to guess. We are at best artistic stationery. Our goal is not to interfere with a person’s correspondence but to merely enhance it. Our cards are meant to be generic enough so that they could be sent for a variety of reasons to commemorate a variety of events by a variety number of people.

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