Monday, November 7, 2011

Rubber Chicken Theatre Poster

The Rubber Chicken Theater needed a poster for their 4th Annual Holdiay Comedy Revue, so they asked me to create something.

The director, Brian Matuszak wanted the poster to be inspired by the 1987 film The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm afraid I've never seen it.

I recreated the silhouettes of Duluth's landmarks and that little runner...well, that's my little bro--runner extraordinaire. The original picture of Mayor Don Ness was so tiny that it was going to look pixelated no matter what. So thankfully I could make it look artistic.  The water colour brush strokes were a last touch. I also chose to make the title grungier compared to the orignal show. I think it works well.

Okay, so let's talk about this Christmas ornament which I drew and warped their logo onto. Out of curiousity, where would you have placed that ornament on the poster? The director wanted a Christmas element added to the poster.  I came up with this, but didn't know where to put it. Suggestions? For tickets to "The Running (Unopposed) Man" visit Rubber Chicken or call (218) 213-2780
The show runs from December 2-31, 2011

Later on I was asked to create a banner for What do you think of this banner? All of these designs remind me of the Celine Dion Incognito album cover that I drew in 11th grade. Can you see the resemblance? Or is it just me?


  1. Hey Jana!

    I would move "The Runnning" to the left and tilt the ornament above "Man." I'd have to see how it looks after the placement, but that's where I'd try first. Hope everything's well! :)

  2. That's a great idea! I wish I would have thought aabout that!


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