Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sunken Treasure

I like the thought of sunken treasure. Why? I've narrowed it down to several reasons.  Maybe I was too young when I saw Disney's The Little Mermaid for the very first time and the grandeur of such treasure loomed large in my formative-spongy mind. This could also explain why I am a "hoarder". Ariel was definitely a hoarder.
(This figure perched off the shores of Copenhagen is The Little Mermaid, but from the angle that my Aunt Lori took the picture it just looks like a nude statue.)
Or maybe it's the sheer magnetism that I have for the history of the Titanic that keeps me mesmerized by shipwrecks and their forsaken bounty. 

The scene in the 1997 film when the old Rose picks up the butterfly comb that had been underwater since 1912 left quite the impression on me. To think that there are countless stories of artifacts that were thought to be lost, but someone risked their life to bring them back to the surface.

Or perhaps it was the tragic story of my cousin Kristin's ring falling off the pontoon boat into the soggy depths of Long Lake that has made me contemplate and fantasize about what else could be lost to those mysterious fathoms below.

So naturally I was hooked from the moment I stumbled upon Petit Expedition- a shop on Etsy where you can buy gadgets and gizmos of plenty that look like they have been retrieved from a shipwreck.

Just look at this stuff...

Isn't it neat?

These ones really look like they have been submerged for years.

Am I the only one who finds ship wrecks fascinating?

Why do you like them?


  1. Your writing gets me everytime! Beautiful prose throughout.

    I guess the stories that each item has gone through to bring them to the great depths always brings me in. It may have been the pocket watch passed down for generations, given by one's father as they headed off to war. It could have been the wedding ring thrown in disappointment. It may have been anything really... That's what gets me. :)

  2. Hahaha Thanks Trussell! You've got quite the imagination there. Yeah, those stories always intrigue me too. There was one about a class ring a while ago. It made its way back to the original owner, I believe.


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