Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cullen House

HGTV's Color Splash designer David Bromstad redecorated a couple's living/dining room last week.

Normally I tune out decorating shows, but this particular segment concerned me because it was inspired by my favourite family of vampires.

The couple loved the design of the Cullen's house. Here's an example for those of you who have avoided seeing the Twilight films.

The graduation caps in the stairwell- Love it!
I had never noticed the old radio behind Bella in this scene. I think I would have used that as an inspriation piece had I been the designer.
Edward's bedroom.

The couple's living quarters were already stunning to begin with. It reminded me more of the films before. But what's a design show without a contrasting after? Sorry, I don't have a before picture. But you'll have to take my word for it, it was extremely elegant.

My mom could have done wonders with this living space, but David Bromstad had other plans. I really wonder if he's ever read the books OR even seen the movies.

 I did like the pillows and the mushrooms on the coffee table--the apple painting-not so much. What a waste of the fireplace.

The horizontal stripes are too reminiscent of a hospital...then again, Carlisle Cullen was a doctor. I just don't think that's what they were going for. The wooden walls could have been in Kip and Napolean's Grandma's house. "Boyfriend?!"

Make-over images from Cafe Mom
Okay, so these pictures don't look as heinous as I remember, but they are also excluding the two-toned dining room table that is one part modern, one part classic painted metallic silver- conjoined into one giant eye-sore. And the neon, moss matted mirror as seen behind the his and her chairs wasn't painted in the green hue I would have chosen. It was also covered with green styrofoam which looked like asbestos.
Don't even get me started on the 35 animal heads on one wall.

Now I'd rather hear your theories. What do you think?


  1. I see no place in this design that may even resemble the Cullen household, even if one would exclude the blue overlay the directors used in all Twilight movies. The monochrome animals over the TV? Heinous. The walls entirely covered by that nearly opaque but not quite curtain? Ridiculous. Oh, and the wood cross sections? Entirely idiotic. I am partial to a darker, less sterile environment, but this whole design (including the fact that they cited the Cullen house as inspiration) is so bogus. Where's the entire glass wall? I guess they got the entirely uncomfortable white furniture right though...

  2. "Boyfriend!!" haha! What a nightmare! I concur with your observations! The apple painting? Ew! And the "fireplaces"? What's the point in that? "Oh they're just out playing on the cliff!!" And what's with that giant green frame in the picture with the two chairs?? It looks like something that would be in PeeWee's Play house! I must say, however, that I do like the mirrors in the last picture "I like it!"



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