Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Postponed Projects

There are a few things that I've managed to avoid working on for 7 or 8 years simply because they didn't have deadlines.  Yeah, I know, that's terrible. But then one day I wake up and decide in the words of Rafiki, "It's time." (That was completely a line I stole from Dr. Faerber...it's still cracking me up.) I'm trying to be someone that ties loose ends. More on that later.

So I literally took someone's advice to "keep my chin up" by tackling this...

This has been sketched on my ceiling since 2004, I believe. Not exactly sure, but I know I drew this on my wall in 2004. So the design on the ceiling had to be sketched in pencil around the same time.
I know. I'm a total geek for having the door to Moria on a wall. (It glows in the dark too. ;)
If only it was made by the elves and as brilliant as this one. (sigh.)

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