Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making Progress

My 2011 New Years Resolutions are well under way...kind of.

I finally made a mosaic, but it didn't turn out.  I'll definitely post on that experience once I can tolerate looking at the final product.

The chair that I intend to re-upholster is now completely stripped and ready to paint. That's enormous progress...just saying. I'll show you why.

 I thought this was pretty, but it was in terrible shape.
I was trying to figure out how old this fabric must be. It's far to old to be from the 1970's.

 In my head, this chair resided in a parlour that was lit by kerosene lamps and surrounded by gaudy,ornate damask wallpaper.  This would be the kind of parlour where visitors would leave their calling cards or wait for the family members to greet them. I imagine a young man, nervous to meet his date, sitting here, while the date scrambled to get ready on the 2nd floor, unable to find her left glove or a decent pair of identical stockings.  Her mother interrogating the poor soul as he waited for the girl. Question after question. The young man unable to decide if he should have his hat resting on his knee or continue to hold it over the arm of the chair. "The knee, of course. What was I thinking? It would be a healthy sign of nonchalance. Indeed. Yet not too carefree to worry her parents. Precisely the appropriate dose of indifference." Yes, my guess is a nervous man sat here because the constant shift of anxious weight has taken its toll on this fine chair.

Now for the fun part.  The fabric.

I had these picked out, but now I'm going with something else. It's a surprise.

Hopefully, this will be completed soon!

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! Lovin' the fabric choices! ;)


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