Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Vogue Fashion Show: Part Trois

 This was to be a representation of Elizabeth Taylor (RIP) and Richard Burton. I'm not really interested in the fashions of the 70's so I'll skimp on posting those pictures.

The hat box made this ensemble for me. I also love how her heels match the dress.

 I feel that this model had the best selection of dresses. This reminded me of Doris Day's dress in "The Glass Bottom Boat" when she gets her foot stuck in the vase.

Such a classy little number.

 This was one of my favourite dresses. I was also obsessed with this chartreuse handbag. Have I mentioned I like that colour?

The bow in the back completely gave this dress the character it deserved.

We spoke with this model before the event and she said that she loved this dress. That smile tells it all!

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