Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Vogue Fashion Show: Part Quatre

Powder pink and black were my Aunt Lori's wedding colours. Takes me back to the day when I was the worst flower girl ever. I thought we were still rehearsing and that it would be perfectly acceptable for me to pretend to be a puppy dog and crawl under the pews to search for gum in the purses of the guests.

Like I said, WORST FLOWER GIRL EVER. Oh, and I absolutely refused to sprinkle flower petals down the isle. Please. I'm five and certainly above such things. Nor would I walk with the beaver tooth ring bearer. Instead I chose to cling to my mom's leg as a growth on her ankle.

So, really, if smoking wasn't horrible for your health and those around you...and if it didn't turn your teeth yellow or make everything stink. I would totally be like Cruella De Vil... that is without the desire to make a coat out of puppy fur...and maybe I'd pass on the two toned hair style.  

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