Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage Vogue Fashion Show

In Duluth, there aren't many opportunites to observe or even wear the latest fashion trends. If you've ever visited the Twin Ports North Pole...I mean, the Northland, you would clearly understand why. We would freeze to death if we abided by the rules of couture. Although I opt to wear a pair of Beartrap boots in order to walk throught snow banks instead of cunning heals, I still have an urge to dress up. I search for ways where I can try to feel like I'm from another era, practice my etiquette and poise, and wear a fancy dress and costume jewelry.

On a recent jaunt to the library, this poster caught my eye.
Yes! Definitely interested. I was able to easily persuade three friends of mine to join me.  The event was held at the historical Glensheen Mansion. The former estate of Chester & Clara Congdon is widely known throughout the Twin Ports as the setting where Elizabeth Congdon and her nurse were murdered by Elizabeth's son-in-law.  It was also the location for the 1977 film, "You'll Like My Mother", starring Patty Duke and Richard Thomas. (I recently watched this and found it rather entertaining as a thriller.)

The event allowed us to tour the grounds on our own time. We were greeted by the butler and then given laminated descriptions of each room. Thankfully, we met a woman from Manchester, England on 2nd floor, who graciously offered her narrative in several rooms and provided us with addition details and tidbits.

Isn't this an interesting tile?

The food was catered by Savories Catering of Duluth and the wine was from...I can't remember where the wine was from, but it was superb.

And really, who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries? Splendid addition to the menu, if I might say.

My gorgeous, glamourous friends!
Two fine lady birds in hats. With Kate Middleton's help, I think hats may have a comeback.

I was finally able to wear my Grandmother's dress. I believe it is from the 60's. I forgot to take a picture of the neck line, but it is scalloped with  black ribbon. With a cream top affixed to a black pencil skirt base, the dress has a matching vest that clasps with a matching black bow...the only problem is that its bust line is reminiscent of Madonna iconic cone bra. So my black cardigan was selected instead.  A strand of black beads completed my look. I felt rather like Coco Chanel for a twinkle of a second.

Oh! And I got to use my 1950's compact clutch. I still can't believe I only paid a quarter for it!

There's more to this post. To be continued for now. 

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