Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Vogue Fashion Show: Part Deux

This dress was from the Edwardian Era. Perhaps one of my favourite time periods. I wanted to see more dresses from that era, but the likelyhood of dresses surviving a century are rather slim. I was thankful to see the ones they had.
 This ensemble was complete with a croquet mallet.

These people were dressed in mourning. I'm relieved that there were splashes of colour throughout the rest of the show. Also relieved that we do not have to wear black from head to toe after we lose a loved one.

Another gown from the Edwardian Era. I do like blue velvet, but I would have like to have seen something more grand and tailored, possibly with a corset as well. (i.e. the gowns in Titanic)

This hat was perky, so was this model. She had a such a smile and seemed to be enjoying the event as much as we were.

Oh, to be a flapper and to attend a party at Gatsby's can only dream.

I adore this cloche hat...the foxes...not so much. They only remind me of the ones that I wore in The Producers. Their mouths were turned into clamps so that they could be secured as a wrap. I disliked how they still had little paws.

I also like the colour of this ensemble. Very mocha.

Loved this dress! Couldn't you see Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing this on the red carpet?

This was by far my favourite dress. Loved the hat and general green-ness.
Oh, and I would have killed for that purse. Some one in the audience was lucky enough to win the clutch as a door prize. I'm green with envy.

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