Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rummage sale season is upon us...

Of course this makes me very excited. So excited that I started a list of what I’ll be searching for during this rummage sale season.

1. Ottomans…Why don’t I own one of these yet? I hope to find a delapidated one that I can re-upholster. UH! That would be pretty cool!

2. Busts…even a crappy little Plaster of Paris one will do.

3. Bookends... I would love to stumble upon a German Shepherd bookend, mainly because I’m awfully fond of that breed.

4. SPOONS! …I suppose forks will do too. But I will definitely be on the prowl for ornate silverware, because I intend to make a few more spoon rings.

5. Records, Cassettes, CD’s …somethings never change. I would shriek over an ELO album or "La Voix Du Bon Dieu" on vinyl, which I'm sure I will never find in America. Still I wish I will find it this way and the previous owner will have no idea of its worth to me.

6. Lockets...and hoping that there is even an old picture inside.

7. Silhouettes. I REALLY like silhouettes.

8. Anything Monogrammed…okay, maybe not anything. I would definitely pass on used towels or sheets. That’s just gross.

9. Lampshades.

10. Buttons…especially antique ones that have been stored away hoping to be used some day. Let me give them purpose!

11. Books…anything classic...with someone's signature or book plate on the inside cover.

12. Skeleton Keys

13. Broken Dishes...That way I can break them even more and use them to mosaic. (Which I've begun to do and will post on soon.)

14. Vintage Clothes and Costume Jewelry. Bring on the gawdy inspiration pieces.

15. Polaroid Cameras. I have a box of polaroid film that is good for a specific camera. Isn't it usually the other way around?

16. Paintings...and paint supplies. Canvases, brushes, oil paints. I really hate to pay full price for such things.

17. Rotary Phone in a brilliant colour...I've been searching for one of these for a while. My grandparents have a beige one, which I'm sure that they would let me have, but I would really like a brightly coloured one or at least a sleek black one.

I better end this list.

Happy April!

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  1. I will keep my eyes peeled! I was at one yesterday but saw nothing of the sorts. Here's what I'm looking for: Jingle bells! I want a 1 foot piece (around 1', similar sizes are fine) for the back of my door. And chairs.




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