Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The New Yorker Wall

I found this years ago and fell in love with the idea.

Life worked in my favour when I forgot my Jeeves and Wooster Disc One in the DVD player. Because  I had to make an unexpected trip to library, I found that they were discarding all of their New Yorker magazines since the early 50's. I came home with 75 or so...Now I only need a blank wall.

I wish they had this one. The search for it continues.

Let's talk about how much I love Arthur Getz. Yes, he was the most prolific of New Yorker cover artists, but his designs just grab me by the throat. They are masterpieces.

I want this one framed by the rest of my peacock feathers. Then again, the original may be difficult to come by.

Getz again. Ah! Look at that perspective. Brilliant!

Getz had a great sense of light.

I love how all the people are highlighted with that brilliant french blue. It creates such contrast against the gold.

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